Our History

Our History

A La Mode Ice Cream Parlor was established by the Quinn Family in 1977. The original store was located in a small shopping center on 34th Street in Ocean City, NJ (next door to Copper Kettle Fudge and adjacent to 34th Street Market). The business became very popular selling Goodnoe’s Ice Cream, homemade goodies and gourmet toppings, even candy and kites!

Within a few years, the business grew, a second store was added, and A La Mode opened in its current location at 55th and West Avenue in Ocean City, NJ. The “new” store became A La Mode’s sole outlet for gourmet ice cream a short time later- frequent flooding caused havoc in the 34th Street store and employees were dangerously dipping ice cream in standing water. Ultimately, the move was a success; long-time Ocean City residents remember customers bringing their beach chairs to wait in line for their ice cream in the mid-1980’s!

In the late 80’s, the business was sold and several former nuns took over the store. They kept the original charm and character of the store, but broadened its niche with new menu items- suddenly the aroma of hot Waffles and freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies drifted throughout the store! Our legendary sundae, the Cookie Heaven, our most popular, was developed as a result of the cookie dough ice cream craze in the early 1990’s.

A La Mode’s own brand of homemade ice cream was created in 1998 after attending Penn State University’s renowned Ice Cream Short Course in State College, PA. Focused on freshness and quality, our homemade ice cream has renewed A La Mode’s popularity and has been recognized many times through various “Best Of” Awards at the local, regional, and state levels.

We are grateful to have been an Ocean City family tradition for nearly 40 years, and a popular south end destination for residents and visitors. We are thrilled to have been part of many family memories for nearly two generations. We look forward to serving Ocean City for many years to come!


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