All Splits include a Split Banana, Three Scoops of Our Own
Fresh Ice Cream, Toppings, Whipped Cream and a Cherry

Banana Split
Vanilla, Chocolate, &
Strawberry Ice Cream with
Rich Chocolate, Pineapple,
Strawberries & Plantation Crunch

Yankee Doodle Split
Strawberry, Vanilla, and
Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream with
Strawberries, Blueberries, and
Crushed Black Cherries

Danish Split
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Butter Pecan
Ice Cream with Rich Chocolate and
Lots of Toasted Almonds

Nutty Buddy Split
Peanut Butter Twirl, Swiss
Chocolate Almond, and Butter
Pecan Ice Cream with Toffee
Almond, Peanut Butter Chocolate
Fudge and Maple Walnuts

Gourmet Split
Vanilla Fudge, Coffee, and Peanut
Butter Twirl Ice Cream with
Hot Fudge and Cashews

The Atomic
The Ultimate in Splits-
32 oz. Goblet Filled with Layers
of Black Raspberry, Strawberry,
and Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana
Quarters, Pineapple, Strawberries
and Black Cherries topped with
Plantation Crunch and a Cherry

Virginia Split
Swiss Chocolate Almond, Vanilla &
Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
Covered with Peanut Butter Chocolate
Fudge & Whole Virginia Peanuts

Scotch Maple Split
Butter Pecan, Vanilla & Chocolate Ice
Cream with Maple Walnuts,
Butterscotch and Marshmallow

Rainbow Split
Lime Sherbet, Vanilla Ice Cream
and Raspberry Sherbet with
Strawberries, Pineapple
and Melba Sauce

Brown Derby Split
Chocolate, Vanilla, and Mint
Chocolate Chip smothered in
Rich Hot Fudge,
Sprinkled with
Chocolate Jimmies

Melba Split
Peach, Black Raspberry, and Vanilla
Ice Cream with Fresh Peaches
and Raspberry Melba Sauce

Super Bowl
A 32 oz. Goblet Filled with
Chocolate Chip, Swiss Chocolate
Almond, and Butter Brickle
Ice Cream with Banana Quarters,
Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge,
Marshmallow, Maple Walnuts,
Whipped Cream and M&M’s

• Topless (No Whipped Cream, No Cherry)
• Bottomless split (No Banana)
• Naked Split (without whipped cream top and banana bottom)


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